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Northrop F5E&CF116A

The model is fully ready
Bringing the flight model and some improvements, additions will be more, but they will be few noticeable eye and inexperienced users ...
 Модель уже полностью готова
Доведение полёта модели и некоторые улучшения,дополнения ещё будут, но они будут мало заметные глазу и неопытному пользователю ...
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Обновлено 26/11/2018 12:00 L.T.
X-plane 10.51 model v2211

Обновлено 16/10/2019 12:00 L.T.

X-plane 11.40b8 model v151019

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city Paro country Bhutan datum lat 27.403463889 datum lon 89.424875 iata code PBH icao code VQPR region code VQ state Paro transition alt 18000
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The AT-99 “Scorpion” Gunship for x-plane

Helicopter AT-99 Scorpio class: "Mosquito" from the famous movie Avatar. The Scorpion is a proven “retro” design which functions well in the harsh Pandoran environment. Its ceramic bladed turbines are easily retuned to run in the denser Pandoran atmosphere. Its climb and hover performance are of course higher in the thicker air and lower gravity of Pandora, but its top speed is reduced significantly because of greater drag.

Scolopendra gigantea

Initially, the concept was conceived as an aircraft carrier, but the characteristics of the model allowed to call it the same low-orbiting ship. You can add a runway to the body and try to land on it on another plane in the air. This model is designed for an experienced user and for those who have everything in order with the imagination. Control is not ordinary, the steering wheels, stabilizers and other typical aircraft attributes are not! All the necessary maneuvers allow the implementation of four cohesive wings and eight rocket engines. The deflections of the wings are reminiscent of the motion of the feet of the centipede - simple and effective. Capable of the widest range of speeds: from 0 knots to 5 flies and heights to 100,000 feet, it is stable and predictable. Without the use of vertical traction, it can withstand a confidently minimal speed of 80 knots and is usually controlled by an autopilot. Excellent visibility and comfortable transparent panels, covering the shields, …


Republic of Kalmykia Light, accurate, Kalmykia airfield with the ability to clean leaves from trees in winter Легкий, точный аэродром Калмыкии с возможностью убирать листья с деревьев зимой

XRAP Privolzhskiy

Easy, accurate, does not require built-in and additional libraries with the ability to remove leaves from trees in
Лёгкий,точный,не требующий встроенных и дополнительных библиотек с возможностью убрать листья с деревьев зимой

A flying boatmaster or forum for unsociable

Smart hangar

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